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The Italian Heritage Society of Monterey Presents

Bounty of the Sea

The Italian Heritage Society of the Monterey Peninsula has hoped for years to have a building to display numerous photographs, fishing items, and stories that are associated with our culture and early history in Monterey.  It has become apparent in recent years that was not going to happen due to the high cost of real estate in the local area. So we have embarked on a joint effort with Monterey History and Art Association to present a display at the Stanton Center in Monterey. It is titled "Bounty of the Sea".

It is our intention to present stories, photographs, and fishing items of those who fished the waters of Monterey Bay, which include Indigenous tribes, the Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese Whalers and Italian/Sicilian fishermen.

Entrance fees to the Stanton Center are reduced by $10 for members of the Italian Heritage Society.  Present your membership card or ask that they check the membership roster we have provided to them for your discount.  

Welcome to Our Heritage Display

The following banners and photos may be viewed at the Stanton Center, operated by Monterey History & Art Association, located at Custom House Plaza.

History of the Trinacria Sicilian Flag

Click on any picture to see History of Flag
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