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Marietta Marcuzzo Bain HONOREE 2018

Marietta was born in Monterey to Louie and Fay (Russo) Marcuzzo. Along with her Sister, Joanne and brother Louie, the family was fortunate enough to be able to reside on the Monterey Peninsula enjoying the daily visits of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Marietta attended San Carlos Elementary school where she made life-long friends with the buddies she holds dear to her heart today. High School was at Junipero Memorial across the street from the grammar school where so many wonderful and fun memories were formed and are continuously hashed over during quarterly “Happy Hour” sessions with the gang. Following High School, MPC was next, where another special buddy was added to the mix. She was a non-Italian or “Americani”, as we say, but she was the perfect compliment to the pack.

Starting out working in the world of finance, Marietta thought she would supplement her income working in the restaurant world. It was working weekends at Club XIX that she met and fell in love with her husband Pierre. Pierre and Marietta have been married for 42 years and have been working side by side for all of them. They have two children, Rene, who lives in Las Vegas and Magali, who lives in San Diego with her husband Danny and sons Jackson and Carter.

Marietta’s roots run deep in Monterey as her grandfather and grandmother arrived in the early 1900’s. Her grandfather, Salvatore Russo, started out in Pittsburg, CA and then followed the sardines to Monterey. Salvatore, was a very accomplished and successful fisherman who owned several Purse Seiners and fished the rough waters from Alaska to Mexico into his seventies.

Presently Marietta and Pierre have owned and operated their restaurant, Fandango, for the past 32 years and they feel so fortunate to extend their hospitality to the Monterey peninsula that has given so much to them and that they love so much.

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