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Joseph Cardinale HONOREE 2017

Joe was born Joseph Albert Cardinale, to parents Genevieve and Salvatore Cardinale, on June 20, 1951. Joe grew up with two brothers, the eldest, Vincent, and his younger brother, Thomas. Joe is a "local boy," living in Monterey County all his life, graduating from Monterey High School, class of 1969. Joe is happily married, since 1968, to his sweetheart, Jeannette Crivello Cardinale.

Joe married young, at age 17, responsibly caring for his young family since he married. The couple was blessed to give birth to two impressive (now adult) children, Genevieve Cardinale Pullara, and Salvatore ("Sal") Cardinale. Joe's pride and joy are his 6 grandchildren - Ryan (22), Austin (19), Lauren (17), Kathryn (20), Allison, (18), and Joseph, age 12, along with daughter in law Kelli and son in law Chris. There is nothing that he wouldn't do for them to add joy to their lives.

After a very brief stint in the restaurant business, Joe was overjoyed to embrace the automotive industry as his career. Currently Joe is the leader of the growing and vibrant Cardinale Group of Companies including Cardinale Automotive Group, ZMOT Automotive Digital Velocity and Cardinale AG Vehicle Supply. The automotive group consists of 16 successful automotive new car dealerships in CA, NV, and AZ and now the reach of ZMOT has gone internationally helping dealer groups around the world. Joe's deep love of cars has help to spur his passion for this industry. He lives by his Christian values, which he doesn't separate from his company, and believes "Our goal is to breathe life into life, and touch as many people as we can along the way". His gracious spirit has permeated to his family and staff who also incessantly give of their time and positive energies to help those in need, with his dealerships feeding over 10,000 homeless meals monthly.

At work, he is surrounded by a team of professionals including his son, daughter, son in law, and his partner and brother Tom. It is also Joe's belief that "If you aren't learning, you aren't growing", and Joe strives to ensure that he as well as the entire organization is on a constant quest for knowledge and growth.

We are appreciative of this opportunity to introduce you to Joseph Cardinale and we're glad that you have been given the chance to know him better, along with his esteemed colleagues honored here this evening.

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