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Frank Crivello HONOREE 2012

Francesco "Frank" Crivello, the son of Giuseppe and Providenza Crivello, was born on May 18, 1922 in Trapani, Sicily. Frank began work with his father fishing in the Mediterranean Sea at the age of nine years old. He often heard many stories about life in America and dreamed of someday coming to the United States.

At eighteen, Frank completed a course of studies which earned him his Diesel Engineer License. Within months and the outbreak of World War II, he began work as a Merchant Marine utilizing his skills in dangerous wartime circumstances. During the war, Frank miraculously survived being captured by German Nazi Military Forces and returned home safely in June 1944.

Still with the goal in mind of coming to this country, Frank left Italy in 1948. He lived in Venezuela for three years before arriving in Monterey in May 1951 where he was welcomed by his aunt Rosa Crivello Lucido and many cousins. Frank met Mary Mancuso in 1953 and the two were married one year later, September 12, 1954, at San Carlos Church. Frank and Mary have three children, Joseph, Peter and Providence.

Frank fished the waters of Monterey, San Pedro and Alaska before beginning his 31-year career with Pacific Gas and Electric Co. at the Moss Landing Power Plant in 1956. During his time with PG&E, he worked as an Insulation Mechanic and received several awards for his ingenuity in developing new equipment and procedures which promoted employee safety and efficiency.

Since his retirement in 1987, Frank is enjoying an active and fulfilling lifestyle. In 1991, together with the late Jerome Lucido, Frank took the initiative to begin celebrating locally the Feast of "La Madonna di Trapani" honoring the Blessed Virgin Mary. Twenty years later, this tradition continues to foster the faith and culture of the Italian-Sicilian Heritage. Over the past 24 years, Frank has donated his time by serving as a Eucharistic Minister, visiting the homebound and hospitalized. He also stays very active throughout our local community by distributing bread to various charitable organizations. Frank has also served as a bridge between families finding care for their elders and local immigrants in need of employment.

Frank Crivello, an immigrant and local resident for over sixty years is proud of his family, faith and culture. He feels blessed to have lived most of his life in our community of Monterey. He especially enjoys people and helping those in need.

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