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Emilio Rossi HONOREE 2007


Emilio Rossi was born in the small town of Piane Crati in Southern Italy on June 21, 1921. He was the youngest of four children. He learned love of his family, his culture and his country at a very young age.

Emilio worked hard as a young boy and defended his country in World War II when he was drafted as a young soldier. Later, he married his one and only sweetheart Rosa, and together they came to America in 1948 with their six-month-old son, Tony.

Without much money, Emilio still had dreams for a better life. He was sustained by the will to work as hard as he could to make those dreams become a reality. Emilio started his own business and became a very successful contractor. At the same time, he attended night school to learn the English Language. He and Rosa had five more children. He taught them the importance of honesty, hard work, education and especially love of family.

Throughout the years, Emilio has sponsored other young Italian men and helped them begin their lives here in America. He is a charter member of the Salinas Sons of Italy in America and continues to be active at both the local and state level. He is also involved in the Italian Catholic Federation, as well as his church. He willingly volunteers his time in both groups, giving of his time and talent whenever he is asked.

Emilio is lovingly called the "Godfather" among the Italians in Salinas because of his warm and giving nature and his continuous help in promoting the Italian culture, especially in his hometown. He is loved by all who meet him and respected by those who know him. He is very proud of his family and his success. Emilio is especially thankful for the strong Italian morals and work ethic which his mother and father instilled in him. They have made him the man he is today.

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