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Josephine Favazza HONOREE 2007

Josephine was born May 26, 1931 in the Pacific Grove Hospital to Joseph and Hattie Billeci. Her father was born in Crocket, California, but his family came from Isola delle Femmine. She is the second oldest of six girls. Josephine attended Oak Grove, Del Monte, Walter Colton and Monterey High schools; she graduated in 1949.

She met her husband Joseph and they married in December of 1949. They have three sons; Tom, Joel and John who have given Josephine and Joe five grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Josephine has worked as an accountant and tax person for many years. As a volunteer she has donated much time to the schools her children and grandchildren attended.

In 1983, she joined the Italian Catholic Federation and was elected Financial Secretary the first year and has held the office for 13 years. Subsequently, the ICF found itself without a President and since the Vice President could not take over, she agreed to take the President's position temporarily. The temporary position lasted six years. Josephine says that with so many members volunteering their help, including Father Joe Occhiutto, and with the support of her husband, she was able to continue with all the apostolic work supported by the ICF. Dinner meetings were initiated, and the attendance grew with the first year seeing the addition of over 80 new members.

In the year 2000, Josephine became the ICF District Vice President. The district is made up of twelve branches stretching from Santa Cruz to Arroyo Grande. Soon she became President of the district and oversaw hosting the 2002 ICF Convention. This event was attended by over 1,000 persons. That convention is still considered one of the best conventions ever sponsored by the ICF.

In 1996 Josephine was one of the organizers that took over the Santa Rosalia Fisherman's Festival. This charitable organization strives to keep the Italian Heritage and Culture alive. She says the festival is a full-time job.

Josephine has been Treasurer and for the last three years has been President of this organization. She is one busy lady. However, she says that she has had the help of many, many hard workers and wonderful people who have made her success possible.

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