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Isola delle Femmine Sister City

Isola delle Femmine, Sicily, became a Sister City to Monterey, California, on September 8, 2017. Instrumental in getting this Sister City connection were Gasper Cardinale, Peter Coniglio and Peter Davi along with local Sicilians whose families were originally from Isola delle Femmine. Their families migrated to Monterey when Frank Booth was encouraged to start fishing for sardines in Monterey.

As a member of Sister Cities International, the City of Monterey has made a commitment to establishing relevant connections with cities around the world for the mutual benefit of the communities. Monterey's newest and seventh sister city is Isola delle Femmine located in the Sicilian region of Italy. Isola delle Femmine is the birthplace of many of the people of Italian heritage that have lived in Monterey. A large group of people currently residing in Monterey are originally from Isola delle Femmine or have ancestors that came from Isola delle Femmine. The people from Isola delle Femmine are primarily fishermen who pioneered the fishing and canning industry which flourished in Monterey. Isola delle Femmine is a coastal city, a favorite for tourists, well known for it's fishing industry, nature reserve and coastal beauty. Establishing a sister city bond will perpetuate community pride and mutual cultural benefits; the social and cultural benefits of this relationship will reach hundreds of residents of both cities. The goal of sister cities, fostered by membership in Sister Cities International, is to connect globally, thrive locally and to promote peace through mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation one individual, one community at a time. Watch for sister city news and updates and ways to get involved at cities.

Italian American community along with suppoters at Monterey City Hall to accept Isola delle Femmine as a sister city.

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