Vincent Horace DiMaggio

Civil Engineer, Inventor

Written by: Vince DiMaggio, Son of Vince and Patricia

November 1941 was both a glorious and uncertain time in Monterey, as illustrated by articles from this period in The Monterey Peninsula Herald. On the plus side it was a banner year for Monterey’s sardine industry. Profits were at a record high, and the little silvery fish was a key element in the nation’s Lend-Lease program, providing food and assisting the European democracies in resisting the Nazi aggression. But in late November the Herald carried a series of articles on the growing drumbeats of war in the Pacific, including an ominous and prescient article tucked away on the back page entitled, “Don’t Ignore Air Power of Japanese.”

It was into this contrasting environment that on November 30, 1941, Vincent and Stella (Russo) DiMaggio welcomed their first born, a son. As was customary, the baby was named after his father, Vincent, and his grandfather Orazio – anglicized to Horace--Vincent Horace DiMaggio.